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harvey danger concert

Harvey Danger with opening acts by Jetlag Palm, Tennis Pro, and Smoosh @ Western Washington University.

Here's the rundown:

Jetlag Palm - I wasn't too interested in what they brought to the table. I felt that they were making noises with their guitars just for the sake of making noise. Also, one of the guys was looking down at his guitar the whole time, like he wasn't sure how to play it. Maybe a closer listen would change my opinion, but as a first taste, it was sour.

Tennis Pro - These guys are darn good and put up a great set. Concerts are definetly not the place to pick up on the finer lyrical qualities of a song. But thankfully their tunes were acoustically interesting, and quite catchy. I am definetly going to look into them a bit further.

Smoosh - For a duo of such a young age, these girls are fantastic. I was quite impressed at the quality and diversity of the songs they performed, but their show as a whole package could use some work. The lead singer's routine was almost mechanical. Name the song, play the song, say thanks, repeat. The whole performance felt rushed and I really didn't get into it. Who knows what we'll be hearing from them in 5-7 years...

Harvey Danger - They opened up with "flagpole sitta", and had the crowd instantly rocking out. The energy was awesome. They had a good mix of old and new material, and finished up their 'official' set list with my personal favorite, "Sad sweetheart of the rodeo". Then they did a couple chill out songs with a chello accompanist, and called it a night.

Fantastic show. Great night.

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ropes course photos

I finally got a data cable for my cellphone, and was able to pull off the photos that I took way back when we did the ropes course.

Check them out over at Flickr

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new registration feature

At kulshan meeting today, Leo suggested that it would be very helpful for students as well as the consultant staff if there was a way to view which windows updates a student was missing according to the security detector on one of the registration pages. That way, we could enable students to be proactive and solve their own problems, as well as make it easier for consultants to troubleshoot while on room visits.

Since I forgot that the bus schedule changes a after 6:00, I found myself with an extra 45 minutes to burn, so I went and implemented it. When requested it will spit out a list of microsoft kb numbers that correspond to the missing updates and link into the microsoft search.

I still need to do more testing before making it live, but I think it's functionally complete.

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omg hawt

new freebsd logo

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