sitzmar! do what now?



Nintendo annouced that the new name for their next console, codenamed "Revolution", will Be Wii. (Pronounced "we")
This got me thinking of music they might choose to promote it:

  1. Wii Built This City, Starship
  2. Why can't wii be friends, Smash Mouth
  3. Can't Wii All Just Get Along, Guttermouth
  4. Here Wii Are, Journey
  5. How Can Wii Be Lovers, Michael Bolton
  6. Wii Belong Together, Mariah Carey
  7. If Wii Hold On Together, Diana Ross
  8. It's The End Of The World As Wii Know It, R.E.M.
  9. Wii are the champions, Queen

Yeah, I know this is a stupid list, but so is the name Wii. I hope someone at nintendo comes to their senses soon, and realizes what a retarded name Wii is.

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